Is A Condo The Right Choice For You?

As you enter new stages in your life, your housing needs will continue to change and evolve. If you’ve reached a stage where you desire hassle-free living and a real sense of community, why not consider moving into a condominium? The following guide will help you determine whether or not condos are the best fit […]

3 Tips For Getting Your Security Deposit Back

When you’re moving into a new apartment, getting your security deposit back from your old apartment can really help you defray some of those high move-in costs. But that isn’t always as simple as it sounds. It seems like almost everyone who’s lived in apartments for rent has lost a security deposit at some point, […]

Tips For Downsizing Your Empty Nest

If your little ones have grown up and established lives of their own, you might feel a bit overwhelmed and lost in your large family home. One of the joys of having an empty nest is the possibility to downsize to a townhome, condo or apartment from a company like Norquay Property Management Ltd. Renting […]